The Cultural Values of the Central Ranges: a preliminary report

Report by chapter pdf
Cover, Table of contents, Executive Summary 221Kb
Chapter 1 - Introduction 296Kb
Chapter 2 - The physical landscape 866Kb
Chapter 3 - Prehistoric occupation of the landscape 691Kb
Chapter 4 - Historical and contemporary landscapes 2.3Mb
Chapter 5 - Conflict and co-operation: Indigenous and Non-indigenous relationships in the Centre 2.0Mb
Chapter 6 - Non-indigenous Interpretations of the Indigenous Totemic Landscape 1.5Mb
Chapter 7 - Interpretations of the landscape through Visual Art 1.4Mb
Chapter 8 - Literary constructions 370Kb
Chapter 9 - Tangible sites in the cultural landscape 2.6Mb
Chapter 10 - Discussion 311Kb
Chapter 11 - Summary of the region’s cultural values 26Kb
Bibliography 171Kb
Appendix 1 - Summary listing of localities of scenic/scientific interest 26Kb
Appendix 2 - Additional historical data 78Kb
Appendix 3 - Sites that contribute to the cultural heritage values of the Central Ranges/West MacDonnells 5.4Mb