Children's Playground

To enhance the visitor experience at the Botanic Gardens the original Children’s Playground was identified as an area for redevelopment. This original playground was designed around educational messages and an evolution theme.  Children found the area boring, and to parents it was an uninviting and unsafe environment. 

The Gardens team have made the playground more fun for children and inviting to parents by redesigned the playground.  By using plants and creative landscape techniques, the team have built a wonderful new environment.

The playground now includes

  • Fast growing plants, planted as a maze, where children can play and explore.
  • A sand castle fort where children can dig and build
  • A beach along the creek where children can sit or explore the creek
  • A Bamboo Ambush Trail for those games of hide and seek
  • A marvellous climbing frame built around a fallen tree that gives a great lookout over the playground
  • A grassy area and a rolling hill, for parents and children alike.
  • An orchard of exotic fruits that allow children to see where their tasty fruit comes from
  • A palm jungle gym to explore
  • The Mondo maze for little people to stroll in
  • Play equipment such as funky sticks and rockers shaped like dolphins and pelicans.

The whole playground is surrounded by a boundary fence and a wrought iron gates as which helps to define the playground and adds to the safety of the children using the playground.