Commemorative Seating

Commemorative Seating

Sponsoring a seat is a positive, unselfish act that shows a concern for the community at large.

Remember a loved one or mark a special occasion by placing your own individually recognised seat in the George Brown Botanic Gardens.

Whether surrounded by the beautiful landscapes, quietness of the rainforest or laughter in the children’s garden, the Botanic Gardens offers a range of places to sit, relax and rest a while.

Each seat will feature a personal commemorative plaque and your donation will support local business to help the Botanic Gardens to create a place for enjoyment for all. 

All commemorative seating sponsorships are 100% tax-deductible.

At a small cost of $1500, your sponsorship will include:

A locally assembled three person jarrah park bench to be placed in a location selected by you

Engraved commemorative plaque

Replacement of the seat and plaque if damaged

Maintenance, oiling and cleaning

The option to purchase the seat after 10 years for $100

Commemorative Seating Sponsorship brochure

For other locations, not marked on the map – please discuss with our staff. Friends and family are welcome to attend during the placement of the seat. 

If you would like to sponsor a seat in the Gardens please register online or contact us for more information.