Parks and Wildlife Careers

The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory is dedicated to conserving the natural and cultural values of its parks and reserves, while providing high-quality nature-based tourism and recreation opportunities for visitors.

We are committed to engaging the public and seeing that joint management partnerships grow and bring benefits to the wider community. Our employees have an appreciation of the great outdoors, culture, and wildlife, while contributing their skills and experience towards connecting people with the Northern Territory's unique nature and culture.

As an NT Government agency, we offer exciting opportunities for people at all stages in their career - from entry level jobs, graduates, apprentices, trainees, and people returning to work, to senior management.

A Park Ranger is just one of many jobs available with Parks and Wildlife. There are 10 divisions, including the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, Territory Wildlife Park  and Alice Springs Desert Park.

We employ:

  • Park rangers
  • Wildlife rangers
  • Business managers
  • Human Resources staff
  • Customer service and administration officers
  • Project managers
  • Strategic/statutory planners
  • GIS/mapping specialists
  • Conservation and environmental specialists
  • Cultural and heritage managers
  • Community Engagement and Interpretation officers
  • Park Guides
  • Tourism Industry and Visitor Services Officers
  • Zookeepers
  • Botanists/horticulturalists
  • Maintenance staff
  • Catering staff

What we can offer you

As a full-time employee you will receive:

  • 38 hour work week
  • Work/life balance including flexible work arrangements
  • 6 weeks/30 days annual leave with leave loading
  • 3 weeks/15days personal leave each year
  • Long-service leave after 10 years
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Salary sacrificing arrangements
  • NT Allowance (payable to employees with dependants)
  • Airfare assistance (for remotely based staff)
  • Travel Allowance for all official travel
  • Access to Employee Assistance Program (counselling services)
  • Generous superannuation (employer contribution of up to 9%)
  • Partially or wholly subsidized accommodation for rangers managing remotely located parks and reserves
  • Recognition of prior service from previous government or educational institutions.
  • Study assistance

Download our Parks and Wildlife Careers (pdf 2.6Mb) brochure for more information.

Indigenous Employment

As an NT Government agency and joint management partner, Parks and Wildlife Commission is committed to improving Indigenous employment within the Northern Territory.

The Parks and Wildlife Indigenous Employment Strategy 2014-17 is used to identify and advance employment opportunities for local Indigenous people. A key part of the strategy is to keep advancing Indigenous staff, with the aim of achieving proportional representation of Indigenous employees across all levels and streams in the organisation. To achieve this, Parks and Wildlife Commission has committed to providing suitable employment, training and development opportunities, as well as making sure the most appropriate individuals are selected for the job through a fair recruitment process.

We have identified a number of employment and apprenticeship opportunities for Indigenous people and/or groups. For more information contact our Capacity Building and Indigenous Engagement team at phone 08 8951 8250.


Download our Indigenous Employment (pdf 2.6Mb) brochure for more information

Want to Apply?

All Parks and Wildlife Commission vacancies are advertised on the NT Government Jobs website and all employment decisions are made on the basis of merit and job requirements.Visit

to view what job opportunities are currently available.