If you like the thought of being involved in the care of the Northern Territory's parks, reserves and wildlife, then the "Volunteers in Parks" program may be for you!

Volunteers in ParksFulfilling the role to protect wildlife within and outside Northern Territory parks and reserves involves a range of activities in the areas of administration, bushfires control, wildlife management, research and park management. Many of these activities provide opportunities for the involvement of volunteers. A wide spectrum of experiences are available from determining animal populations to cooking for scientists and rangers on remote survey camps.

There are already a number of volunteer groups within the Parks and Wildlife Commission, namely the 'The Friends of the Larapinta Trail, The Friends of Fog Dam and The Casuarina Coastal Landcare Group.'

These groups of volunteers provide valuable input into their respective areas. The Volunteers in Parks program provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in other Commission activities.

Who can Volunteer?

You may be looking for something different to do in your leisure time, or perhaps you've retired from a similar vocation and would like to keep up your skills, or maybe you'd just like to play a part in conserving the parks and wildlife of the Northern Territory. Opportunities that may become available at various times of the year are listed at Volunteer Activities.

A volunteer must be over 16 years old, of a suitable fitness and have a keen interest in being involved in the care of parks, reserves, botany and wildlife. There are projects suitable for everyone at various times of the year.

International volunteers on a tourist visa can participate in volunteer work up to a maximum of 45% of their available time on their visa. The principal of the visa (tourism) must be adhered to as the major component of their time in Australia.

Volunteers are not eligible for remuneration in the way of wages.

Volunteer Activities

Activities you could be involved in:

Volunteer activitiesBiological surveys

  • Stay in isolated locations
  • Record wildlife data
  • Band/tag animals/birds
  • Cook for scientists on survey camps
  • Enter data

Visitor surveys

  • Survey visitors on their impression of parks

Aerial surveys

  • Data on some species is collected using light aircraft. For example, surveys of donkeys, camels, dugongs and seagrass beds.

Rehabilitation and erosion control

  • Involves putting measures in place to prevent land erosion
  • May involve planting or construction work

General park maintenance

  • Minor construction works, eg erecting signs

Wildlife operations

  • Assist with general enquires
  • Care of orphaned or injured wildlife

Crocodile operations

  • Conducting surveys of crocodiles within management areas

Weed management, Visitor Surveys & Wildlife Operations are just a few of the activities you could be invloved in as a volunteer Workshop maintenance

  • Help to keep the Commission's machinery and equipment in working order

Tree surveys

  • Counting and surveying tree populations
  • Data entry work

Walking track maintenance and improvement

  • Construction work, sometimes in isolated locations

Weed management, survey and control

  • Undertaking control measures

Exotic animal control

  • Undertaking control measures for feral animals - may involve working in isolated locations

Fire management 

  • Fire prevention and suppression.
  • Mapping techniques and data entry skills may also be required


  • Training will be provided on the job where necessary.


  • The Department's insurance policy does not include personal accident cover. The Department will cover reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury sustained while performing an approved project.

Who to Contact?

If you've got some spare time and would enjoy meeting and working with other people interested in parks and wildlife please complete the Volunteer Registration Form (pdf 54Kb) and send it to the Volunteer Interested in volunteering your time ? Contact the Volunteer CoordinatorCoordinator. 

Volunteer Coordinator
Parks and Wildlife Commission
PO Box 496
Palmerston, NT 0831

Phone: +61 (0)8 8999 4555
Fax: +61 (0)8 8999 4558


Volunteer opportunities exist at the Territory Wildlife Park or the Alice Springs Desert Park:

Volunteer at the Territory Wildlife Park

Volunteer at the Alice Springs Desert Park