Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve


Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve is about an hour's easy drive from Alice Springs. Corroboree Rock is an outstanding dark grey column of dolomite. It is of great importance to the Aboriginal people of the region.

The rock itself is an outcrop of dolomite from the Bitter Springs Formation originally laid down in salty lakes 800 million years ago. Dolomite is a soft sedimentary fine grained rock. It is very similar to limestone except magnesium carbonate is the dominant compound rather than calcium carbonate. At the base of the rock you can see dark grey and light grey streaky blobs of 'dalmation rock'. A ring of low ground surrounding the rock makes it look like an obelisk.

The Territory Government, in partnership with Traditional Owners, have finalised the Joint Management Plan for Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve.

Joint Management Plans provide direction for the future management of a Park, and outline how the interests of the community, Traditional Owners and conservation will be served.

The Plan came into operation on 2 December 2011.

The finalised Plan is available to download. 

How to Get There

Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve is 42km east of Alice Springs along a sealed road.

When to Visit

The Park is accessible all year round.

What to See and Do

Picnicking and bushwalking around the rock formation.

Visitor Facilties

This Conservation Reserve has walking tracks, a picnic area and toilets. Camping is not allowed here.

Please Remember

Please remember that camping is not allowed here.

Recreational Activities

A short walk leads visitors from the carpark to the 'windows on the rocks' and around the base of the formation.

Other features/activities within the Reserve include:

  • Picnic Tables
  • Walking Tracks

Scenic and Cultural Features

Corroboree Rock was probably used as an important storage site for ceremonial objects by the Eastern Arrernte Aboriginal people. It is doubtful that it was ever used as a corroboree site, due to the lack of water in the area.

Plants and Animals

The flora here primarily consists of Spinifex and Senna on the ridges with Supplejack (Ventilago viminalis), Whitewood (Atalaya hemiglauca) Bloodwood, Red Mallee (Eucalyptus socialis) and Native Fig growing around the carpark and at the base of the rock.

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